Tear up the Grass!

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When I met this wonderful sculptor, already in her 80’s, I could not believe her positive and progressive attitude.  She had run out of sun from her ever- expanding tree canopy and wanted to do something with her last bit of full sun.  So we made her a sunny garden, which she tells me is her happy place.  Take the journey with us!

Tear up the grass!

We made three paisley-shaped beds with stone edges to make them level.  Easy to sit and garden on the low side.  Nice wide paths allow for easy access with a wheel barrow all around.

We filled the raised beds with lovely humusy soil.

Once spring arrived, so did the plants.

Our artist now steps out the front door to a sunny, productive garden.

Girl in the garden.

Boy, Oliver, in the garden.

The front garden was such a success, we decided to tackle the back!

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