A wonderful woman wanted to create a sacred garden space in memory of her husband.  We made this garden as a place of peace and remembrance.  It is a walk she takes every day.

From the drawing you can see that we created a level circle with a radius of about 32′ framed with curving stone walls.  The labyrinth is a simplified pattern based on the Labyrinth of Chartres, a medieval cathedral in France.

The labyrinth is created from low mounds of soil that were planted with several types of creepers, including sedums and delosperma.

The center circle is a place to pause and reflect.

Three trees, a Redbud and two Dogwoods, were planted outside the circle:  one for her husband, one for her father, and one for her brother.

Beautiful in snow.

Below is where we began with our clean slate slope.  It’s deceiving, but the ground drops almost six feet to the fence.


Photos courtesy of J. Waters.

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