Collector’s Garden

This has got to be my favorite garden that I’ve designed.  I met my client at her new homesite that was nothing but mud and building equipment.  She handed me a list of plants to use that she had dug from her former garden and a list of sculpture to be placed in her new garden.  She’s an avid gardener and was very interested in the project, but she was wide open to my ideas.  I gave her a structure within which she could express herself through plants and art.  Together, we’ve made a great garden and I’ve made a great friend along the way.  And p.s., this house is Silver Leed Certified.

Starting with mud, mud, mud!  I guess hiring Muddy Boots seemed like a good fit.

The Courtyard is a long narrow space, with a serious drain running underneath the center of the gravel and stone walk.

This corridor is interrupted with an important ceramic work by Mark Hewitt set opposite a stone bench like you might see in an art gallery.  The Stele, shown above right, is “Orpheus and Eurydice” by Norm Schulman.

Looking from the opposite end of the Courtyard you see the awesome red roof eaves.  This roof captures solar energy and roof water collects through drains inside the walls and is directed to a rain garden / retention pond in back of the house.

Rounding the end of the Courtyard, we enter the South Garden where full sun heats up the garden.  The sculpture “Cherry Blossoms” by Dale Rogers catches your eye.  Where the Courtyard is all yellows, blues and silvers, this garden is hot colors.

Prunus persica ‘Bonfire’, an ornamental peach, is striking along side a common Yarrow.  Behind the peach is a pot by Joseph Sand.

More South Garden.

The Rudbeckia maxima is as tall as the large metal flower by Grace Cathey.

Looking down the backside of the house we introduced a lot of white.

This walk terminates in a wonderful seating area that overlooks a bold stream.

Stone steps lead from the Patio to the Woodland Garden and stream below.  The masses of Rhododendron maximum on this property are probably 100 years old!  The Woodland Garden is peppered with Japanese Maples used as understory trees and many plants native to our area.

A fire pit is nestled into an open glade next to the Rain Garden.

An eating area sits near the stream bank with a view to “Color Continuum” by Dana Gingris.

This piece is terrific in all seasons.  My client placed this piece herself and she sure found the perfect spot.  Next two photos by M. Durham.

The red eave pulls you back up the steps from the Woodland Garden.

This art collector and gardener has taken the framework I gave her and made this garden her own work of art.





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