Garden Design

I consider myself to be a garden artist.  I paint with plants and stone and water and wood.  Gardens should be beautiful to look at and a pleasure to be in.  It should be easy to get from one spot to another even if there is a slope to navigate.  There should always be a seat on which to pause.  Gardens should be interesting every day of the year.  Gardens should be horticulturally sound.  Every garden I make is different because it reflects the people who will inhabit it.

Garden Renderings

I also paint with pencils.  I do renderings of existing garden vignettes.  They make a nice gift or charming remembrance of a special spot in the garden.

Plant Tags

For the avid gardener, we have a wonderful online garden journal and incredibly durable smart plant tag.  I write a mildly amusing and occasionally informative blog under the nom de plume Ms. Boots which you will find at the Muddy Boots Plant Tags website.

Please explore the site and our offerings.  Thank you!  Nancy & Dennis Duffy